Logitech Ergo Lift review

  • 17th Feb 2023
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Two weeks ago I started to feel some pain at my right wrist. I noticed that whenever I was using my Logitech MX Anywhere 2S mouse, the pain usually appeared. I used to use a mouse at my home setup: a Macbook Air M1 in clamshell mode connected to my external monitor.

Since using the Macbook trackpad was causing less pain, I wondered if the wrist-mouse position was the root cause for it. So I decided to look around for mouse alternatives. Eventually I stumbled on the afore mentioned Logitech Ergo Lift and bought it so I could try.


It's a really nice mouse. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me: it took me two weeks to decide that this kind of mouse, though caused less pain, still wasn't the right solution. Main points being: Clicking is not as precise as in a regular mouse. You have to be conscious to hold the mouse still . Physics of clicking sideways are not at your favor - the mouse moves sideways as you click;

I could never get the right mouse speed configured. It was either too slow or too fast. Precision fails as my muscle memory was too much adated for a regular mouse. Maybe with time I could come to find the right spot;

Whenever I was moving my hand out from the mouse to the keyboard, I hit the mouse tip as it's high from the table top. Not uncommon to topple the mouse sideways. Annoying stuff;

As here in Brazil we cannot just return the product to the store, I decided that I could re-sell it at a small loss. Took just one week and it was gone.

For the time being, I changed my home setup to have my Macbook opened, connected to my extenal monitor and using the trackpad. At least until I find another mouse option.